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Motivating and Empowering the Refugees, Migrant Workers, and the Poor

Skills Development Mission, Inc. (SDM), founded in 2000 and incorporated in 2004 in the State of Washington is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) tax-exempt multi-ethnic Christian organization. Our mission is to reach, teach, and empower under-skilled individuals to be responsible citizens. Our trust is to avail people with the tools they need to succeed in life. We help them discover the confidence to fulfill their own great dreams for their families.

What distinguishes SDM from other institutions is that we go to the grassroots and touch lives and meet needs that no other educational center can touch! Dads and moms can come with their children! We offer programs for children of all ages while their dads and moms also have opportunities to improve their education and work skills. Our Job-training and Internships (through collaborative efforts with business and industry) are yet to take off but are coming into place.

SDM is succeeding in its mission to transform lives in our community by collaborating with organizations that share similar concerns and interests in reaching many under-skilled people. With technology and life-survival skills, SDM provides a forum to interface between the skillful and the under-skilled for a better community.

SDM’S non-discrimination policy is our key to serves people regardless of their race, national origin, religion, creed, physical disability, and ethnicity.

Our Client Base and Our Mission

There are refugees from war and disaster, migrant workers, and the poor in the Tri-Cities community who are striving to succeed in a complex industrialized society. People are more familiar with Afghanistan refugees, survivors of the mayhem in the hands of the Taliban, than the Sudanese. The Refugees from Sudan comprise mostly of adults and children who were born during the Sudanese Civil Wars. These wars recorded highest civilian death toll than any other war since World War II. As if the two Sudanese Civil Wars were not enough, today the Darfur genocide that we all seem to be helpless on-lookers is raging. There are other clients who participate in SDM other than the refugees and migrant workers. These include other minority and under-skilled individuals who are eager to improve in their education and lives. Others are troubled at-risk youth, over-burdened and under-trained school dropout aspiring hopes for their future.

War trauma and human right abuses are experiences that our clients are gradually overcoming by interacting with people in a loving environment. The impact of war as we all know is very devastating.

But most of us cannot imagine what life feels like for those who have only had life in the refugee camps! Therefore, lack of structure, absence of parental involvement in the lives of some refugee kids due to work schedules, total breakdown of discipline are not uncommon amongst some our clients. These situations can be quite understandable when you factor in all the traumas of war and violence in the lives of these refugees. It is sometimes such an arduous task to get through to these students.

BUT, we must not ignore the cultural riches and diversity these refugees and migrant workers have added to our community. As we assess why we must act promptly to help out, these people contribute to enrich Tri-Cities!

Although we may be thousands of miles away from these places where war, hunger, and calamity abound, we are not as helpless as it may seem. We can make a difference in the lives of those in our community! SDM is doing exactly that!

SDM Center in Kennewick, WA is at the grass-root moving people forward! The Skills Development Mission Center is located at 21 S Cascade Street, Kennewick, WA. Students who do not have parents to help them with their homework are motivated to succeed Students who have not had others to show concern about how they succeed will have mentors who will read and speak with them Unruly children will come to understand basic structure in learning in a non-threatening environment provided by SDM

Our measurable outcomes include
  • Improved academic grades in students schools
  • Improved reading skills
  • Increased interest in math and science
  • Improved computer/technology skills
  • Improved in character and attitudes
  • Improved self-image of participants
Our Needs
  • Short-term immediate funding to meet operating costs
  • Long term support to covers SDM programs
  • Scholarships to individual students
  • Sponsor Minority Science Research Interns
  • Students Transportation
  • Computers and other science and technology equipments

We truly need help and request that you will join us in this exciting outreach program.

Write or email:
Dr. Asopuru Okemgbo, Ph.D.
Executive Director, SDMglobal, Inc.
PO Box 673
Richland, WA 99352
SDM Center: (509) 586-0907
Fax: (509) 586-0863